Many thanks for all your recent help. I am now feeling 100%! I will arrange to see you when my batteries need re-charging again.


Thank you for your kind words, support and the care you have given me. May God bless you both.


Dear Betty and Bob and every beautiful person there at Firebird, I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your Reiki today. I am so humbled by your care for me, I really do not know what to say. I had the most amazing Reiki. I have never had Reiki that felt like that before. I just felt I had to tell you how blessed I am to have you both in my life, and how my life is changing so much because of you.


Thanks for all your support over the years!


It is difficult to express how much I value the friendship of both of you.


Thank you for all your advice and support. You are amazing and I am so pleased and grateful you are in my life. Thank you for your wisdom.


Thank you for never giving up on me. Because of you I started to have hope within myself. I am very grateful to you.


Just wanted to say thanks for supporting me through this time. I’m feeling better and stronger in myself. It seems that the warrior within has been unleashed.