Reiki Benchmarks

Asia Pacific Reiki Institute adheres to copyrighted Reiki Benchmarks in its teaching of Usui Reiki classes at all levels. These Benchmarks cover the identification of Reiki, the content of Reiki training courses at three levels – Reiki I, Reiki II and Master – and the use of Reiki in a range of contexts.

The Benchmarks are intended to provide guidance to Asia Pacific Reiki Institute graduate Reiki channels, teachers and practitioners in the context of increasing regulatory action by Australian State and Federal Governments directed to ensuring national registration of healthcare providers and to developing a registration scheme for unregistered alternative healthcare practitioners – including Reiki practitioners.

These Benchmarks are specific to the western tradition of Mikao Usui’s Reiki which has been transmitted through the teachings of Hawayo Takata. They may also provide a useful reference for forms of Usui Reiki transmitted through other lineages.

Benchmark 1 Identification of Reiki
Benchmark 2 Teaching and learning the first level of Reiki (Reiki I)
Reiki I preferred practice
Benchmark 3 Teaching and learning the second level of Reiki (Reiki II) Reiki II preferred practice
Benchmark 4 Teaching and learning the third/master level of Reiki
(Reiki IIIA/B, Advanced Reiki Training, Reiki Master)
Reiki III/Master preferred practice
Benchmark 5 Personal practice of Reiki
Benchmark 6 Interpersonal practice of Reiki
Benchmark 7  Public practice of Reiki
Benchmark 8 Professional practice of Reiki in formally regulated and clinical health care contexts
Benchmark 9 Professional practice of Reiki in commercial contexts
Benchmark 10 Conduct and reporting of research into Reiki

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