Please send Reiki distant healing, energy healing, prayers, healing intentions and compassion –

Generally:       To the causes and consequences of the failure by Australian Parliamentarians and Senators and Members of the US Congress and US Senators to accept the scientific evidence of climate change and to take definitive action.


  • To the enlightenment of US Republican presidential candidates who “don’t believe in climate change” and Republicans and others who are seeking to defeat plans to cut carbon pollution from power plants, and to their ability to embrace policy and attitude changes
  • To substantial and urgent reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions by energy producers, cement producers, aviation, agriculture and industry[Following China, the US is the second largest producer of CO2. Australia has a low overall total, but has a high per capita consumption.]
  • To the companies, administrations and infrastructures that produce pollution and waste a third of all energy generated through inefficiency and sub-standard plant and equipment, to cease all waste and minimise pollution and to move towards renewables.
  • To people in the developed world who use large amounts of polluting energy to sustain an uneconomic lifestyle and in pursuit of personal advantage and corporate profit, that they find and embrace non-polluting solutions and drive climate change action from the grass roots level.

Please include this healing request in your Reiki grid, crystals, altar, and/or daily meditation practice and forward a copy to your compassionate friends. You are warmly invited to send energy to the Reiki World Healing Book, and to provide detailed suggestions for inclusion in the book, in the interests of collectively creating a workable future for all the inhabitants of Earth. 

Elizabeth Thuan – Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master


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