Reiki touches the heart

Reiki is very simple, but it has no final boundary. Reiki brings to us the energy of the universe and challenges us to make use of its unlimited potential. When you receive hands on Reiki from a trained practitioner, the sensation is – usually – one of comforting warmth. The flow of energy is typically gentle and brings a deep sense of relaxation. It is in this state of warmth and relaxation that we can afford to let go the tensions and worries that burden us. We find a sense of renewed possibilities. Our perspectives on our lives, on our problems, on the world around us tend to soften and we can see the good bits as well as the problems. While Reiki does not fix everything, it brings a sense of peace and acceptance, it helps to release us from loneliness, cynicism and world weariness, and our hearts unfurl in the warmth and bloom like roses.
Elizabeth and Robert Thuan
Reiki Masters/Teachers
Asia Pacific Reiki Institute

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