Reiki Meditation


Let us express our gratitude for the gift of life and for the Reiki energy that illuminates our lives and helps us to heal, to move forward on our journey, and to find understanding and meaning in the practice of compassion. Let us all focus with intense compassion on our human brothers and sisters in poor countries who are struggling with survival on a daily basis. Let us send them the divine white light, intending that it should surround them and heal them and comfort them. Let us send the Reiki energy to the environments in which they live and to the governments, rulers and companies who hold power over them. Let us acknowledge their pain and their longing, for they are like us in needing freedom, and in their need to eat and drink, to look after their beloved children and elders, and in their need to have hope and a vision of a workable future. Let us send healing energy to protect them and to help them heal from malnutrition and disease, and to deliver them from the consequences of global warming and human exploitation. May they not suffer. May they find happiness. Let us send healing light and energy for the Highest Good for our beautiful mother, Planet Earth, to the fragile biosphere that is home to all life, and as an expression of love and appreciation for all living beings that call Earth their home.

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