Reiki Brings Comfort

In a world that seems hypnotised by money, lots of us find ourselves with a sense of isolation, of being alone, of having no one there for us. One of Reiki’s greatest gifts is that it goes to the heart of our human needs. It is immensely reassuring and comforting to receive Reiki hands-on from a gentle, compassionate and understanding person, to feel the warmth of the Reiki energy flowing through one’s body and to relax as the Reiki brings us into alpha—a slower brain wave associated with a state of meditative calm, a state in which body and mind activate their innate ability to heal, to restore, to renew.

In the twenty years since first learning Reiki, one of the greatest blessings has been to meet others at the level of our shared humanity, to give and receive the staggering gift of universal life force energy, to laugh and cry together, and to discover the seeds of compassion that still live in hearts made sad or old or bitter and that awaken in the light and warmth of shared Reiki. Reiki has the power to bring out the fundamental goodness in people, and in turn it provides the comfort and support that encourage our neurons and cells to heal, allow us to recover from our wounds, and to find in ourselves renewed hope and enthusiasm for life.

Reiki is there for all of us, young and old, sceptic and believer, sick and well, pregnant or dying, captain of industry or homeless—all of us, with our own stories and our fears and dreams. Each one of us has the ability to illuminate our lives and to construct our future, to do so in the company of friends and with the reassurance and comfort of the healing Reiki energy. We just need to reach out.

Elizabeth & Robert Thuan
Reiki Masters / Teachers

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