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Reiki Meditation


Let us express our gratitude for the gift of life and for the Reiki energy that illuminates our lives and helps us to heal, to move forward on our journey, and to find understanding and meaning in the practice of compassion. Let us all focus with intense compassion on our human brothers and sisters in poor countries who are struggling with survival on a daily basis. Let us send them the divine white light, intending that it should surround them and heal them and comfort them. Let us send the Reiki energy to the environments in which they live and to the governments, rulers and companies who hold power over them. Let us acknowledge their pain and their longing, for they are like us in needing freedom, and in their need to eat and drink, to look after their beloved children and elders, and in their need to have hope and a vision of a workable future. Let us send healing energy to protect them and to help them heal from malnutrition and disease, and to deliver them from the consequences of global warming and human exploitation. May they not suffer. May they find happiness. Let us send healing light and energy for the Highest Good for our beautiful mother, Planet Earth, to the fragile biosphere that is home to all life, and as an expression of love and appreciation for all living beings that call Earth their home.


Please send Reiki distant healing, energy healing, prayers, healing intentions and compassion –

Generally:       To the causes and consequences of the failure by Australian Parliamentarians and Senators and Members of the US Congress and US Senators to accept the scientific evidence of climate change and to take definitive action.


  • To the enlightenment of US Republican presidential candidates who “don’t believe in climate change” and Republicans and others who are seeking to defeat plans to cut carbon pollution from power plants, and to their ability to embrace policy and attitude changes
  • To substantial and urgent reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions by energy producers, cement producers, aviation, agriculture and industry[Following China, the US is the second largest producer of CO2. Australia has a low overall total, but has a high per capita consumption.]
  • To the companies, administrations and infrastructures that produce pollution and waste a third of all energy generated through inefficiency and sub-standard plant and equipment, to cease all waste and minimise pollution and to move towards renewables.
  • To people in the developed world who use large amounts of polluting energy to sustain an uneconomic lifestyle and in pursuit of personal advantage and corporate profit, that they find and embrace non-polluting solutions and drive climate change action from the grass roots level.

Please include this healing request in your Reiki grid, crystals, altar, and/or daily meditation practice and forward a copy to your compassionate friends. You are warmly invited to send energy to the Reiki World Healing Book, and to provide detailed suggestions for inclusion in the book, in the interests of collectively creating a workable future for all the inhabitants of Earth. 

Elizabeth Thuan – Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master


Reiki Brings Comfort

In a world that seems hypnotised by money, lots of us find ourselves with a sense of isolation, of being alone, of having no one there for us. One of Reiki’s greatest gifts is that it goes to the heart of our human needs. It is immensely reassuring and comforting to receive Reiki hands-on from a gentle, compassionate and understanding person, to feel the warmth of the Reiki energy flowing through one’s body and to relax as the Reiki brings us into alpha—a slower brain wave associated with a state of meditative calm, a state in which body and mind activate their innate ability to heal, to restore, to renew.

In the twenty years since first learning Reiki, one of the greatest blessings has been to meet others at the level of our shared humanity, to give and receive the staggering gift of universal life force energy, to laugh and cry together, and to discover the seeds of compassion that still live in hearts made sad or old or bitter and that awaken in the light and warmth of shared Reiki. Reiki has the power to bring out the fundamental goodness in people, and in turn it provides the comfort and support that encourage our neurons and cells to heal, allow us to recover from our wounds, and to find in ourselves renewed hope and enthusiasm for life.

Reiki is there for all of us, young and old, sceptic and believer, sick and well, pregnant or dying, captain of industry or homeless—all of us, with our own stories and our fears and dreams. Each one of us has the ability to illuminate our lives and to construct our future, to do so in the company of friends and with the reassurance and comfort of the healing Reiki energy. We just need to reach out.

Elizabeth & Robert Thuan
Reiki Masters / Teachers

Reiki touches the heart

Reiki is very simple, but it has no final boundary. Reiki brings to us the energy of the universe and challenges us to make use of its unlimited potential. When you receive hands on Reiki from a trained practitioner, the sensation is – usually – one of comforting warmth. The flow of energy is typically gentle and brings a deep sense of relaxation. It is in this state of warmth and relaxation that we can afford to let go the tensions and worries that burden us. We find a sense of renewed possibilities. Our perspectives on our lives, on our problems, on the world around us tend to soften and we can see the good bits as well as the problems. While Reiki does not fix everything, it brings a sense of peace and acceptance, it helps to release us from loneliness, cynicism and world weariness, and our hearts unfurl in the warmth and bloom like roses.
Elizabeth and Robert Thuan
Reiki Masters/Teachers
Asia Pacific Reiki Institute

Living with Reiki

When we learn to channel Reiki we acquire the ability to channel life force energy from the universe/highest source, so that when we place our empowered hands upon ourselves or other people—other living beings, whether plant or animal—the energy passes though us and into the recipient. There is no doubt that the energy exists, is real, and no doubt that the recipient perceives the energy and tends to benefit from receiving it.

The Reiki energy is put to use by the recipient in a number of ways. Reiki is able to induce alpha, the brain wave associated with meditation and with the action of the physical body to summon its resources and undertake healing—self-repair. With alpha comes deep relaxation and a lessening of feelings of tension and stress. Reiki thus has the ability to assist the recipient to achieve a state of well-being.

While Reiki is clearly a Good Thing and has all sorts of applications for workers and executives, for retirees and the elders of our tribe, for mothers and babies and kids and carers and pretty much everyone, even skeptics, it is not a magic wand. Reiki allows us to make the most of the resources that we have, but it does not replace missing elements.

We are confronted with the fact that we have a choice, we always have a choice, about how we live our lives—what we eat, what we drink, how we relate to others, whether we cogitate or mindlessly react, whether we blame others or circumstances or face and overcome our difficulties. Reiki makes lots of things go better, but it also encourages us to grow up, to take ourselves seriously, and to treat others with respect.

In a world that is addicted to stress, to hurry, to consumption, to self-absorption, Reiki gives us pause, gives us resources and encourages us to embrace our true humanity once more.

In the words of Max Ehrmann: ‘Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.’ (Desiderata)

Love & light, Elizabeth & Robert.