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USUI/ HOLY FIRE REIKI – Asia Pacific Reiki Institute Melbourne

The evidence is in! Peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Reiki. Empower your hands today and change your life!

Next Reiki I Class is on 14 – 15 July 2018, and Reiki II is on 23 – 24 June 2018.

We are authentic, experienced Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Masters and Practitioners and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Masters. Professional Members of the ICRT Reiki Membership Association ICRTassociatesLogo140

You will receive excellence in Reiki teaching, world class manuals, and the latest in Reiki research. We provide regular, affordable classes, practice groups, distant healing and local support networks. You can learn with us from the beginning – Reiki I – or you can join us at any level. We teach Usui Reiki Masters, practitioners and channels who are fully empowered to heal self and others and support each student in their healing and on their journey towards understanding and self-empowerment.

Teaching since 1998, we are fully experienced Usui Reiki Masters,  kind,  compassionate, ethical, supportive and constructive. Resident Reiki Masters with an impeccable lineage, we teach the recently developed, beautiful and powerful Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki. You are warmly invited to join us. We teach classes regularly at the Firebird Centre in Oakleigh in suburban Melbourne, Australia.

Individual training is also available and we encourage caregivers and seniors to join our Reiki Hands program at greatly reduced rates.

You can learn every level of Usui / Holy Fire Reiki with Asia Pacific Reiki Institute       

  • We provide top quality Holy Fire Reiki therapy
  • Learn Reiki relaxation and stress management techniques
  • We train and empower authentic, independent, professional Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Masters/Teachers and Practitioners
  • We teach Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki to people from all backgrounds, all lineages, for personal empowerment as well as healing and teaching other people

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Learn from highly qualified, respected  and experienced Reiki Masters/Teachers:

  • Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Master / Teacher
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master / Teacher (ICRT Registration)
  • Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Level II (Reiki II)
  • Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Level I (Reiki I)
  • Deep Healing Development Class
  • Reiki Practice Class
  • Reiki Intensive Outreach Class
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Reiki events, networking, social groups, annual Reiki Beach Retreat
  • We also provide mentoring and support to Trainee Reiki Masters
  • We retrain at all levels to meet professional Usui/Holy Fire Reiki standards

Regular Usui/Holy Fire Reiki and Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master classes in Oakleigh, suburban Melbourne

Now teaching Usui/Holy Fire Reiki – an evolved, beautiful, peaceful and profoundly healing Reiki energy in the tradition of Mikao Usui.

Reiki – hands on energy renewal

Reiki is a traditional technique wearing a modern dress. Reiki means a flow of life force energy that emerges from the hands. Reiki can be used for soothing, relaxing and healing. Reiki has no religious affiliations, Reiki feels just wonderful!

Anyone can learn Reiki

You can learn Reiki for personal development, stress relief, energy renewal, goal attainment or to assist or heal others. We train Usui/Holy Fire  Reiki Masters in accordance with Reiki professional standards. We train Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Masters in accordance with ICRT trademarked requirements.

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I recently completed the Holy Fire Karuna (R) master class with Elizabeth and Robert. Robert and Elizabeth are wonderful teachers, and they were able to facilitate an amazingly transformational experience. The class environment was welcoming and warm, and I felt at all times as though I could readily share my experiences and openly ask questions. I also was fortunate to receive a Reiki treatment from them both. I left feeling sparkling, energetic, bright, and loved. I can only highly recommend Robert and Elizabeth as practitioners and teachers. T.P.S. Dear Robert and Betty, and every beautiful person there at Firebird, I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your Reiki today. I am so humbled by your care for me. I really do not know what to say. I had the most amazing Reiki. I have never had Reiki that felt like that before. I just felt I had to tell you how blessed I am to have you both in my life, and how my life is changing so much because of you. A.S. (Usui Reiki Master)

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Name: Asia Pacific Reiki Institute
Address: Suite 2, 160 Drummond Street, Oakleigh Vic 3166, Australia
Phone: + 61 3 9568 1777